There really isn’t staff except myself, Kelly McCullough.  I manage all editorial, Sell advertising, Distirbute in all areas of Fabens, Clint, El Paso, Anthony, TX and in  La Union, Vinton, Las Cruces, NM. The Messenger works with Independent Contractors, and other outside companies that are paid to do the work I cannot do myself. You will find those persons/businesses listed here.

Independent Contractors

Circulation Associates

(West side) Fabian Santillan – Fabian began helping with circulation in the second year of publication. Fabian is married to a local school teacher, Suki, and they have one daughter, DeeAnna.

(Northeast) Jeffrey Pollock – Jeffrey is just beginning in circulation (May 10, 2012 issue) and has expressed he is excited to be involved. Most readers will recognize this name as Jeffrey has been submitting poetry for the paper for many years.


Graphic Design

Bauer Printing & Graphics – owned by John Bauer.  Located at 155 McCutchen Lane, Suite l, El Paso. Phone (915) 307-6227. Between John and a freelancer, they do a great job laying out the paper. John also provides printing of the company envelopes.

Printing – Newspaper

PDX Printing – 120 Porfirio Diaz, El Paso. Phone (915) 544-6688.

If you contact any of the above listed vendors please be sure to let them know you saw them on The Messenger’s Blog.


One Response

  1. Kelly,
    I just now took a break from my desk to check out your new blog. Awesome! I know as time goes on it will grow, change and become wonderfully creative as are you and The Messenger. As always I am inspired by your love and obedience to the Lord. Keep up the good Work!

    Love, Terri

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