Photo Gallery/The Messenger

Following are pictures of the very first issue of The Messenger (Oct. 25, 2007) printing at PDX 2 Warehouse:

DSC03828     I was soooo excited to be there at the time they were printing this first issue. It had been so much hard work preparing for this first issue and at times it seemed it would never get to print.

I got my start in the newspaper business in Casey, IL at seven years old as a paper girl.  I rolled my papers every day after school at a table  beside the press. I have worked as an Ad Rep at several newspapers that owned their own presses – so seeing the newspapers print was nothing unusual. 

But this day – this was different. I think the pressmen thought I was off my rocker when I came in with my camera and getting so excited. But this was a big deal for me. This was the end product of all my blood, sweat and tears! DSC03829

This was truly a labor of love.  It hasn’t been easy – but as the saying goes, “If God takes you to it, He will get you through it.” And get me through it He has. He continues to walk beside me as my CEO and sees to it that I enjoy every minute of all that I do.  I love this ministry, and as hard as it gets at times – I can’t imagine doing anything else. I am honored and humbled that the Lord would call me into this service for Him.

Every time I look at these pictures I still feel the way I felt that day as I watched that first issue roll hot off the presses! It was truly a miracle that this came about. All Glory be to God.


















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  1. That is very cool! I like being able to see these pictures. Not often do you get to see the printing process.
    God bless,

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