Would you like to advertise in The Messenger and reach 10,000 plus readers with every issue? There are many advertising opportunities available for the small and large business alike.

The Messenger publishes 10,000 copies twice monthly and distributes from El Paso, TX to Las Cruces, NM to the North, and from El Paso to Fabens, TX to the East.  See “About” page for other distribution info.

The Messenger has several USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions)

  • Printed every other week – gives each ad a two week shelf life. This cuts down on your expenses.  If you wish your message to be visible in every issue you would only be charged for two ads per month (except in months with 3 issues) rather than every day with a daily, or every week with a weekly.  Also – by being printed every other week you have the benefit of changing your ad mid month unlike with a monthly where the ad is the same for the entire month.
  • Samples – many newspapers throw “samples” which are papers that are rolled and thrown in area driveways to spark interest in subscriptions.  These papers are thrown at current distribution time. Every publication has papers that are not picked up and these are called “returns” which are then thrown in recycling bins. Our USP in this way is this –  Recycle by redistributing. The Messenger distributes ALL 10,000 copies at area distribution points and to subscribers. When the next issue comes out and the returns are collected, rather than throwing those in recycling bins – those returns are what we then roll and throw as samples. Therefore – any advertising in those issues have just gotten a prolonged “shelf life”.  Rather than throwing our returns in recycling bins – we recycle them by throwing as samples – giving the ads another chance at being seen and the articles read.

Open Rate: This is mainly used for events that only run once or twice. At times there are companies who aren’t allowed to sign contracts – therefore they will use this rate.

6x rate – This contract is best used by running six issues in a row.  Or you can opt to run every other issue (once per month for six months).

13x rate – This contract is best used by running thirteen issues in a row. Or you can opt to run every other issue (once per month).

26x rate – This contract would run every issue in a row offering the best/lowest cost per column inch possible.

There are special rates for Churches, Christian Schools & Non-Profits.

If you are interested in advertising or have questions about advertising please contact:

Kelly McCullough     Phone: (915) 329-0824     Email:


One Response

  1. Good Morning Kelly,

    My wife and I enjoy your publication and always pick it up at Nothing But Noodles. I am a real estate broker and I would be interested in your ad rates. I also have a web based advertising company and would be interested in linking to your publication.
    I would also suggest that when you link to your advertisers, you set the link target to _blank, so that the ad opens in a new window. Then when they close the ad your page is still open underneath. Otherwise whne they close the ad it closes the browser and.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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