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When you became a believer, you also became God’s messenger. God wants to speak to the world through you. Paul said, “We speak the truth before God, as messengers of God.”    2 Corinthians 2:17b NCV

Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey finally made it in to El Paso on Saturday around 12:15 pm. Originally they were scheduled to be here on Friday evening but things took so long finalizing in Killeen that by the time they hit the road they decided to stop and stay at a motel instead of driving all the way in one shot. Jenna pulled a prank I was afraid of – and told me they would be in around 2:00 pm or later.  So I was busy frantically cleaning and preparing for their stay with me – when they showed up at 12:15 while I was taking a much needed break in my office chair trying to cool off.  They had parked on the street instead of the driveway so that I wouldn’t hear them.  My son must have been in on it because he announced, “I’m going to go check the mail for a minute” which I felt was a strange  comment since the mailbox is right outside the front door only 15 feet or so from where I was sitting.  I was exhausted, pondering over what all was left to do and only having an hour or so left to do it in – when I looked up and there was my Kelsey girl walking towards me!!  Naturally I started crying – I was so thrilled to see her. My how she’s grown. I have missed her so much – I knew I had, but hadn’t realized how incredibly much until I had her in my arms hugging her. She finally said, “Nana stop squeezing me so hard!”  So as you can imagine I am floating on cloud 9 to have my girls back here where I can see them and spend time with them any time we want, and feel I can know they are safe – or at least are close by if they need me I can get to them quickly.

For now, they are all staying with me. They didn’t learn until the moving truck was totally done loading all their belongings that it would not be heading to El Paso right away.  They asked of their approximate arrival time and was told that the orders didn’t call for the truck to be in El Paso until the 21st!  So for all you praying folks out there – please pray that everything can get settled sooner because Andrew will need to fly out on the 22nd in order to be in Killeen to fly to Korea with his unit on the 23rd.  Of course they were hoping to move all in to the new apartment, have time to get things unpacked and settled and spend quality time together as a family in the new place before Andrew had to leave.  They already had an apartment picked out, deposit paid and I picked up the keys on Friday thinking that the moving truck would be coming in before Jenna and Andrew since they were staying behind to clean once everything was out of the house.  Unfortunately when we all went in to the apartment on Saturday the hot water heater had been leaking water for who knows how long and water was soaked through much of the living room carpet, the toilet in the master bedroom was broken, and quite a few other things were wrong with the place.  So – now they aren’t pleased with that place since they were put off on repairs and told that it wouldn’t be ready until Wednesday. As you can imagine – because they were originally expected to take it in that condition now they don’t feel comfortable with that particular company. So – they are out running around today trying to find another that is in the area they like, at the cost they can afford etc.  So until all is settled I will have them under my roof – right where I want my Kelsey girl!!

It has been such a blast aleady having Kelsey with me.  Except I will have a hard time working since I just want to spend my time with her – and my office is in the house. Today she wanted to stay with me while Jenna and Andrew went to look for apartments – it was so hard for me to have to tell her that I needed her to go with them so I could get some work done.  That will be the hardest part while they are staying here. I want to spend every minute possible with her – but I do have to get work done. So – again – for all you praying folks – keep me in your prayers also so that I can concentrate on work when I need to to get these issues out! I just love her so much that I don’t want to let her out of my site. As they were leaving she kissed me goodbye and as she walked off she said, “Don’t worry Nana I promise to come back to you.”  You can’t imagine how that melted my heart.

That has stuck with me for these hours since they’ve left and I am reminded that Jesus spoke similar words. He let His people know that He would be coming back for us one day. He promised that he would return.  As good as it made me feel when Kelsey promised to return to me – how much more important and exciting that Jesus – the Lord of the Universe – has promised to return for us one day.  How deep my love is for my children and grandchildren; but how deeper so the love of the Lord for His children.  No matter what the situations or trials in our life are, how difficult and impossible it may seem – we just need to remember that our Lord loves us more than anyone else possibly could, and that if we have accepted Him as our personal Savior – we will one day reside in Heaven with Him. We are never alone, never unloved when we have Jesus as our Savior.

Precious Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for bringing Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey back to EL Paso safe and sound.  I thank You so much for my opportunity to be a grandma. Father I pray that You guard over the little one growing in Jenna’s tummy – may he/she be born just as happy and healthy as Kelsey.  Lord please work all things out for them for a new place to live. One that they will feel safe in, be able to afford and can be happy in until Andrew’s return from Korea. Father once the new place is found, please work it out also for the truck to be able to deliver their belongings soon – not making them wait until the 21st. Lord please help them to be able to get moved in and settled and be able to spend time in the new place as a family before Andrew has to leave. Jenna needs and wants that so much so that she can feel that he is and has been a part of their lives in the new home. Protect Andrew during the long fight and the year long deployment in Korea. Bless their family Lord I pray.

In Jesus’ Name,


Posted September 5, 2009

Wow I can’t believe it has been a month since I have updated my post here. I knew I had been busy – but didn’t realize just how much until I decided to write something here and saw the date.  I’m sorry to all those who had checked in with the site hoping to find the updated info on the different editorial from the paper – believe it or not I just got the updates completed today for the Aug. 27th issue and a new issue prints next week already, arg! 

Normally the paper prints every other Monday – but I was disappointed to find out yesterday that because Labor Day is Monday the paper won’t print until Tuesday. This will make for a very difficult week for me – delivery wise since I will lose a day, but guess it will all work out in the end. I will just have to rely on the Lord even more than usual! With His help I’ll get through it.

I am SO excited because in about a week Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey will be here! I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it. Unfortunately, Andrew will only get to stay for about 10 days and then he will be deploying to Korea for a year.  Please keep them all in your prayers. It’s difficult for all military families to be apart, especially young married couples with small children. My precious Kelsey just gets used to having her daddy around and then he has to leave again. So please lift them all up in prayer.

In case you weren’t able to read the Aug. 27th issue of the paper – be sure to read my column – From His Messenger (click on the tab by that name) dated Aug. 27th.  I’m looking for people who are willing and able to help make a difference in another needy family’s life. With the help of many we were able to help a single father with two young boys last year just after Christmas.  It was so wonderful the day I went to their home to take all the things we were able to get donated and/or purchase with monies donated by readers. Now – there is a single mother with two daughters who needs our help. The family has just recently moved to El Paso and the mother has been unable to find work.  She is struggling trying to pay bills to keep their apartment. Her oldest daughter is 18 and pregnant and in need of some baby items. The youngest daughter is enrolled in a school that requires school uniforms.  So far they have only been able to purchase one outfit – so they are asking for more sets of the uniform.

I so much wish to help this family. Please if any of you reading could either purchase any of the items listed, or would prefer to donate money to go to the purchase of the items – contact me asap either at my email or my cell (915) 329-0824. Any of you out of towners who feel led to help certainly can do so by mailing a check to Media 4 Him, LLC, PO Box 3367, El Paso, TX 79923.  The paper is not a 501c3 so any donations would not be tax deductible.  Be sure to click on the tab labeled “From His Messenger” and you will be able to read about the family and their needs. Please if nothing else keep this family in your prayers. Pray that God will lead the mother to the perfect job for her very soon; pray that the 18 year old will have a safe delivery and will have a happy, healthy baby; pray that they youngest girl will have a great school year, and will make many new friends at school.  I want to help this family but do not have all the funds myself. I know that everyone is struggling financially at this time – but if many people gave a little – it would equal a lot to help this family. It would at least give them more than they have right now.  They are not asking for money – I’ve listed the items in my column that they are asking – so please know that any money that is donated will go to the purchase of the items the are requesting.

Father, I pray that You will use this family’s plight to touch hearts of people reading about them. Lord, lead people to help this family. Lord I want to be able to provide this little girl with four more uniforms for school so that at least she will have one for each day, and not have to wear the same set over and over each day. I know that is not too much to ask Father. And Lord I would like to help this young mother to get the much needed items for her baby. I can’t do this on my own Father but I know that You can send people who read about this family. You can put the desire in their hearts – same as mine to show Christian love to this family and help provide their needs. You are the Great Provider and You help provide needs of people through other people. Please Lord give the readers willing hearts. Father this mother asked for nothing for herself – just for the needs of her children. I pray Lord that You will bless her – help her to find just the most perfect job for her so that she can provide for her family. Bless this family Lord. I give You all the glory for what You will do in their lives.

In Jesus’ Name,


  Posted August 6, 2009

Praise the Lord – He is truly a Lord of miracles! My daughter, Jenna, who is pregnant had a sonogram two weeks ago which showed a mass in her uterus larger than the baby was at that time. She was then sent for a Level 2 sonogram the following day.  I emailed the Prayer Request to my church’s email prayer chain, my prayer group, my family etc. While at the Level 2 sonogram Jenna was not able to see any signs of the mass they had seen on the screen the day before. We praised God for the miracle. But of course – we still needed to see what was said at a follow up appointment.  As grateful as we were for no visible signs of a mass, I’m sure there was still some fear as to what the doctor would have to say about the results.

Jenna had her follow up appointment with her doctor yesterday, Aug. 5th to get the results from the Level 2 sonogram. He seemed thrilled to tell her there was no longer any signs of a mass, and said everything now looks perfect! While doing the sonogram the baby moved, jumped and even appeared to be waving several times. Jenna emailed me the video – it was so awesome to see.  I hate that she is so far from me so that I can’t be at the appointments with her – but at least I’m not totally left out – I can view the videos over and over.

I thank You Almighty God for Your mercy and grace. I exalt You with all praise for this mighty miracle You have given us. I thank You for the protection of my daughter and my unborn grandchild.  In 1 Peter 5:7 we’re told “Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.” We give the remainder of this pregnancy to You Lord. We’re trusting in You to further this pregnancy the way it is intended. And we’re looking forward to the day that we hold yet another precious life given from You in our arms. I love You Lord and I am so thankful and grateful for Your love and faithfulness. Amen 

I hope that you are enjoying the site and will check back often. I taught myself something new today – I finally figured out how to add images and photos. Alas – The Messenger logo is finally on the site. I still can’t get it at the top where it should be – but at least it is on the page, Amen! You’ll also find a new page listed at the left “Pictures”. So far I’ve only uploaded a few – just wanted to make sure I got the hang of it, and wouldn’t forget. You know when you get older you have to do things with much repitition to force it in to your memory.

Next week the new issue will publish so I will upload new content for the Ask Christian Leaders questions, Devotional, From His Messenger, Upcoming Events and anything else there is time for. I hope to make this site useful and enjoyable to those who read The Messenger – and for those who don’t but happen to stumble across this site. Keep me posted on what you’d like to see here, or feel would be beneficial to YOU the readers. It is the intent to have this be yet another tool that can link Christians and non-Christians to what is going on in our community and beyond that would be of interest to them. If you know of any events in your church or elsewhere please send them in. Naturally I will not post anything that would be “unbecoming” to the Christian family.

I leave you with this Scripture that has touched my heart today:

We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed.  2 Corinthians 4:9


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  1. very cool looks good! thanks for the update on “lil bean” so i call it right now. and for all the prayers you and everyone has said for us. than you thank you!!!!!

  2. Looking great! My friend Eric has added your site to his blogroll as well. Here is his:

    Cant wait to watch what the Lord will do with this paper! Let it roll world wide – all to the glory of God and the salvation of souls!!!

    God bless,

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