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posted March 9, 2017

In a few days we will set our clocks ahead an hour. Maybe things will begin to feel a little more normal. I don’t know about you, but these time changes always seem to throw me off a little.

At some point we will have longer days, more daylight hours. And along with it all is much warmer weather. Spring time is my most favorite time of year. Watching new things grow, cool breezes. I look forward to it each year. What’s  your favorite Season, and why?

I’m hoping with the Season of “All things new” as Spring usually is, that it will bring new and wonderful things for The Messenger. This past year has been the toughest. And it has just gotten worse. We’ve lost the largest advertiser, causing major issues financially. I know God calls people to support this ministry, so that we can continue to spread the good news, and reach people for His kingdom. Unfortunately, most of those don’t heed the call for one reason or the other.

If you own a business, run an organization, are a decision maker at your church or any where, would you please consider supporting this ministry through placement of advertising?  Not only would your organization get promotion throughout all the communities we distribute, from El Paso to Las Cruces to the North, and out to Fabens to the East – but you would be supporting the work of a ministry serving God, and working to glorify our Savior. Please pray about it, and contact me at (915) 329-0824 to reserve your ad space today. The Lord will bless you for your service.

Until Next Time,

posted January 27, 2017

So ….. did ya’ll watch the Inauguration??  I did. I thought I wouldn’t get to because of meetings and things I had to leave home for. But as I got ready that morning I had the TV on channel 4 and watched and / or listened to all the commentary all morning. Then it hit me that Washington DC would be in a different time zone than El Paso. I needed to leave home at 11:30 and the Inauguration was set for 12:00. Once it hit me of the time zones I Googled for the current time in DC and learned they were two hours ahead of us!  Therefore – I got to see both Pence and Trump get sworn in.  I recorded both on my phone, and was curious once it was all over why Pence’s was 1 minute 15 seconds long, yet Trump’s was only 51 seconds long.  I was afraid that someone had done it on purpose, and the Democrats would soon fight it saying Trump’s wasn’t legal or something. But I never heard anything about the shortness of his in the news or anywhere.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, voted for Trump or not – I hope that you will be praying for our new President, Vice President, Congress and Senate. From what I’ve heard most of the House identifies as Christian – this is SUCH good news!! I believe together they will turn our country around for the better. It may take some time since we have gone so downhill. BUT – at least it is good to know we now have leaders who are going to at least try to make the USA better again, rather than tear it down.

We sure have been having “winter” weather lately. I know a lot of you LOVE it, however, I do not. But, I am thankful that at least we haven’t been having snow to go with the cold temps. Not bad in the day time, but these over night lows in the 20s are rough on me. Especially on the nights I have to deliver papers in it. Hopefully it will end soon and we will be in our Springtime weather and we will begin to see things grow and bloom again. I miss my roses in front of my house.

Well, keep warm. Pray for our Nations leaders, as well as our local leaders – there has been a lot of negative issues about them in the news lately. Lift them all up in your prayers as often as you think of it. Pray our Nation recovers and prospers and that many will come to a saving grace in Christ. That our National leaders as well as local leaders will seek the will of God and heed His guidance in all they do.

Until Next Time,

posted January 5, 2017

Mom Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom, June McCullough on the 14th !

Whoo Hoo – I am loving our current weather – temps more like Spring or Fall rather than Winter. I know many in our area wish for snow and cold – but I for one do not. I believe we were to have hit 65 or so today, and they say in 70s next week.

As warm as it is here, I couldn’t believe what it was like in Houston for Christmas. I spent three days in the area over Christmas and it was 82 plus each day I was there. I’m all for the warmer weather even in winter, but the only issue in Houston is that even though winter, it was still very humid. I grew up with the humidity in Illinois, but having been in El Paso now for over 17 years – I just am NOT used to high humidity. But, humidity aside – it was a great time being with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids for Christmas. We had a great memory building day on the 26th – as you can read about on the cover of this issue. What I didn’t mention in the story is that within 10 to 15 minutes after leaving ICE LAND, we were on the beach!  Not swimming of course, but went so we could take photos of the water, etc. Each time I visit that make sure to take me to a beach – since I never get to see water in El Paso, except on rare occasion that it comes from the sky 🙂

I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. I pray the Lord pours blessings upon every one of us during 2017. I wish each one love, health and happiness the whole year through.

If you don’t mind I ask a favor of you:  Could you please pray for The Messenger? Pray that many new advertisers will come on board to support this ministry; pray also for many previous advertisers to return with their support. Pray the Lord blesses each advertiser in many ways, particularly financially so that they have the ability to continue to be a financial support to this ministry.  I thank you in advance for your prayers. I can’t help but believe that if each person reading is also praying for this ministry – that 2017 could be a much better year than 2016.

Until Next Time,

posted December 1, 2016


Well, in the past few days winter has hit the Borderland, and it is still considered fall. Hope this doesn’t mean we’re going to have a harsher winter than normal. I have been so used to El Paso winters being so different than those back home in Illinois. But the past few years it has gotten colder and colder each year. Brrrrrrr  don’t know about you, but I think these nights are waaayyy cold!

Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? Did you spend days eating leftovers?  I just finished throwing out the last of my leftovers. I hated to, but they say not to keep them longer than a week. Thankfully, I froze all the leftover turkey so will be able to use it in a few different recipes. I’d love to hear what you do with your leftovers. Do you create other wonderful meals with any of them, or just eat them the same way as on Thanksgiving?  I found a casserole type recipe I want to try.

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Are you ready for it?  Make sure to not get so caught up in the hustle and bustle and the presents and food, and take time to remember what Christmas is truly all about. The Christ child that was born to live, serve, and then die a gruesome death – to save us all and provide eternal life.

Have you accepted Him as your Savior, and his priceless gift of salvation? If you haven’t yet – there is no time like the present! He is always waiting patiently for us to call on Him. It is the most important decision you could and will make in your life. He will welcome you with open arms and shower you with His love, mercy and grace. The angels rejoice as each of us join the Father’s kingdom. If you haven’t accepted Him yet, consider it, pray about it and just go for it. You’ll never regret it.

Until Next Time,


10 years anniversary golden label with ribbon.  Vector illustration.

Posted November 17, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving in a week !!  I hope you will be spending the day with loved ones and will share with each other things your are most thankful for. Spend time to really think of what God has done for you, and give thanks to Him.

I’m sure like me you are all ready for all the nonsense surrounding the election to end. We all knew that regardless of the outcome a large portion of the U.S. would be disappointed. Just as in 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected – I was extremely disappointed as was most of the people I know. However, we had to accept it and hope and pray for the best. No one went out a protested, and destroyed property or any of the other craziness that is going on now.  I’m ready to stop hearing about it. Regardless of who you were for – we need to all be praying for the current and incoming leaders of this great nation of ours. And we will need to CONTINUE praying. Pray for smooth transition of power, pray for safety for all those in office, pray that our leaders will be men and women of God – that they will seek His will and His way and will run our country in a way the Lord would have them do.

Until Next Time,

Posted November 3, 2016

Wow – I couldn’t believe it when I realized I was so behind on updating the site. I apologize to all of you who choose this site as your way to read the paper and keep up. Things have been quite hectic since last updating. Again, I apologize. But, I have updated and have all info and PDFs for the past due two issues and the current one that will print Friday all posted now 🙂

Well it certainly has been exciting weeks lately for Cubs fans, right? What an amazing end to the World Series. I am not a sports fan particularly – but if I had to spend any time watching anything, it would be baseball, or hockey – and if baseball it would be the Cubs. Being from Illinois I grew up with everyone in family and friends being Cubs or Cards fans – or both. Many tended to choose which of those two were their fav for the year by who was doing the best at the time!

In just days we will know the outcome of the election as well. I hope you have all voted. I know this time around has been especially difficult for most of us. BUT, it is SO very important that we do it. So, if you haven’t yet -think about it, pray about it – and then as NIKE says — JUST DO IT!!

Enjoy the Fall weather we finally are having, it may not stick around long.

Until Next Time,

Posted September 19, 2016


Happy Birthday on the 17th to my grandson, Aiden who is turning 3; and to my granddaughter Kelsey on the 21st, turning 12!!  I failed to write this in my column for this issue as I normally do, and by the time I realized I hadn’t done it – it was too late, we had the paper completed and finalized, ready to send to the print shop. So — had to take the time to do it here.  I love you my precious baby loves. I wish so much I could be there for your birthday’s. I hate so much that we live so far apart, and that I am not in the financial position to travel to be with you. I miss you so much, and hate that I miss out on so much of your growing up years. I love you!

Well it appears perhaps we are getting past the Monsoon season – I’m not getting pouring rains at my house anymore any way.  My trees and rose bushes sure love it while it lasted. I went about seven months with not a single rose bud. Then one day last week as I left home I noticed a slight bit of color out of the corner of my eye as I was backing out of the driveway. I stopped in front of the house to look, and sure enough there were two small buds opening. In a matter of days there were flowers galore on all but one of the bushes. that one now at least has buds, just none opening as of yet. I am so glad. I was worried that somehow I had done something to kill them – since last year it was so long in between when they started blooming again. I’ve discovered that they certainly enjoy colder weather more than our heat. I couldn’t believe how many flowers, and how much more vibrant they were during the time we had our coldest temps, and the snow! That amazes me. Being from Illinois, I was always used to everything dying off during the cold weather and winter.

Everywhere I drive I see more flowers also out again – so, enjoy all the blooms and added color out there!

Until Next Time,

Posted September 1, 2016

Wowzers!!!  When it rains it pours, right??!!  In El Paso when it rains it usually doesn’t hit all sides of town. Northeast usually is the area that pretty much gets at least some every time it rains. I live in Far East El Paso – and hadn’t had rain at my house it at least three months.  Then BAM – beginning about three weeks ago I have had tons. My fruit trees of course are loving it – after like 35 days of triple digit temps they were scorching. There is a watering system set up on them so they get the allotted amount of water three days per week – but in those scorching temps that obviously was not enough. Now it is somewhat cooler – with quite a few days in the 80s and only up to mid 90s lately, thank God.

So, while the trees are enjoying soaking up all that water – it is also damaging, as it has caused limbs to soften (I guess) and hang / droop – which isn’t good either. The peach tree looked like the peaches would actually make it this year. Last year they didn’t get very big and due to all the high winds and dryness they fell off in droves each time the high winds went through.  This year they got at least double the size and were hanging on really good. But, then we started get the beating rain, and at times the high wind along with it and slowly the peaches began to fall. At present, there are probably a hundred or more on the ground for me to rake up and throw away. And after the late night rain and pouring storm that came through this morning for half a day – there are also pears laying on the ground.  I am not experienced enough with fruit trees yet to know if it is better or OK to pick fruit early – rather than risk them ending up on the ground. And I’ve still never yet last year or this gotten any of the figs or grapes – either the birds get them, or they rippen and go bad and fall off from one week to the next before I can get out there again to check on them.

If anyone reading has knowledge of fruit trees and when things are due for picking, how to take better care of them, etc. PLEASE email me at

So — how are you faring in the Monsoon season we are in on your part of town? Or – for those reading who don’t live in the El Paso area — where you live are you getting hit with rain?  I know so many areas are getting hit SO much worse than we are. Flooding in other states lasting for days – not just hours like it is here. Keep those areas in your prayers. People have lost their homes, all their belongings, and lives have been lost as well.

Precious Heavenly Father –

I lift up all those living in the flooded areas who are dealing with homes full of water, loss of all their belongings, loved ones who’ve lost their lives. Lord I pray that You comfort them, help them to get back on their feet – be able to replace their homes and belongings. They can’t replace their loved ones, so please comfort them and wrap Your loving arms around them. Carry them through all they will deal with in the days, months and years ahead. Help them to put their lives back together, to feel Your presence and to know that You will walk with them each day.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Until Next Time,

Posted August 18, 2016

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have watched what I could. My favorite is the gymnastic routines and have been blessed to get to see quite a bit of those. I normally get home sort of late so don’t get to watch much but have been pleased with what I’ve seen. Since I tend to be watching late at night I figure what I am seeing is reruns of what took place earlier in the day ??? Not sure. Of the gymnasts I’ve only seen the females in floor exercise – so wondering if the men no longer do floor exercise routines?  I did see men doing the uneven bars but that is about it. The women amazed me with their floor, uneven bar routines and vaulting. And I have seen quite a few of the swimming events both men and women.

So, what is your favorite part or parts of the Olympics?  Are you the type that watched as much as possible?  Taped it or DVR’d it?  Or do you just keep up with it on the news and that’s good enough?  Whether you like to watch or not, I hope you are as proud as I am of how well our athletes have done.

In my column of the current issue I mentioned how well things went in Rio. Like me I’m sure you heard for weeks if not months leading up to the Olympics about how bad people expected it to be there, that it was considered unsafe and believed there would be a lot of problems. Many felt that Rio wasn’t prepared for something of this magnitude.  The only thing I had seen or heard that was a problem while I got to watch was for one of the diving events the pool water had turned green.  They claimed it had been determined there just wasn’t enough chlorine in the water and there was no danger to the divers.

Imagine my surprise and horror – since the files for the paper had already been completed and prepped for the printer – when I got home tonight and started hearing on the news about Lochte (one of our swimmers) reporting a false robbery while in Rio!  I had heard previously of the robbery, and felt so bad for him – so was shocked to hear this evening that it was a bogus claim. So disappointing. I had been so proud of how gracious our athletes were. He is a talented young man, who made a big mistake. I hope this doesn’t ruin his future with the Olympics.

It was upsetting to hear – but we can’t hold it against him really. He is human as we are. None of us are perfect. We’ve all made mistakes, done stupid and crazy things we wish we hadn’t. Maybe some of you haven’t. I know I have. And I know that I am so thankful and grateful that the Lord loves me any way and forgives me my sins when I seek His forgiveness. Aren’t you?  It’s awesome to know that He is there night and day ready, willing and able to pick me up any time I fall, forgive me when is necessary, and provide grace and mercy at all times. He’s there for each and every one of us – all we need to do is accept, and call on Him. He never forces Himself on us, so we have to willingly accept His free gift of Salvation. And from that moment on we can have direct contact with Him. We can take all our troubles, burdens, cares, concerns directly to Him in prayer. We can place them at His feet and release them. As the famous song in Frozen says, “Let it Go!”  We can leave them there – if we just will. I know from experience that so often I tend to pick them right back up. But, we can leave them there at His feet.

Do you have burdens, worries and fears bogging you down today?  Do you know that you can take them to Jesus and leave them there at His feet?  If not – I hope you will understand that by the time you are done reading this, and that you will take some time in prayer and leave everything that is weighing you down with Him. It may take time before you can totally do that. Like I said – I still struggle with totally leaving things. Sometimes I leave them for a while, and over time realize I picked that problem / burden back up to deal with on my own. But I can’t. I know I can’t do any of it in my own strength. I need Him, I need the Lord to help me through each day, each problem, burden, trial. You’re not a failure if you pick it back up. Just keep at it. Like they say – practice makes perfect! And while we will never be perfect this side of Heaven – the more we pray, the more we practice at turning it all over to the Lord, the better we will get at it. Try it and see.

Until Next Time,

Posted August 4, 2016

I was just looking at the photo above of my roses – this scene in front of my house looks much different presently!  No roses. Makes me sad. We have had around 34 or so days so far this year of triple digit temps. My roses don’t like that. They seem to prefer the colder weather. I was surprised to see all the blooms and new growth just after the 7″ snowfall in my yard.  So, I’m longing for much cooler weather and hoping my roses come back to life. They are so beautiful and bring so much joy. They always bring a smile to my face when I look at the front windows, or especially when arriving home (if it is still daylight) after a long, stressful day – and I pull in the drive way and have them greeting me home.

Like the roses, we are temperamental to many things, right? Our environment, cold or hot weather, day or night, etc. Many factors come into play that determine how we feel or thing, act or respond on any given day. We are human. As Christians we are  to be filled with joy and peace at all times. But, as humans that is so hard for us. Some things hit the bulk of us the same way – while others hit us in many different ways.

For example – at lunch today a friend and I were discussing the issue of finances, more specifically – money.  We’re told that money can’t buy happiness. And it can’t figuratively speaking. You can’t go to a store, or online and say you want to purchase happiness. It sure doesn’t work that way. But, we all know that the ability to pay our bills, groceries, support our families, etc. – makes us happy. The security that having enough of it brings – sure can make us feel happy.  Or at the very least – not depressed, worried and concerned all the time.

I know so many people struggling financially, myself included – and it seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum. When my kids were small – I was a single mom, and we were very poor and faced extreme struggles daily for years. Then, I got a college degree, began working at newspapers – and although we were never rich by secular standards – I did very well, and we finally were financially secure. There were SO many less worries and fears in those days. Now I’m back at the rough end of the spectrum – stressing day to day as to how to make ends meet, not only for my home, but now also for the paper. It is not an easy or fun place to be, and I would LOVE for it to not be such the struggle. But, I wouldn’t say I am not happy. So – the money isn’t what brings happiness.

Having Jesus in our lives, knowing that day in day out He is their beside us through thick or thin – that allows happiness. In good times or bad – there He is. In the low, tough times when worry and fear can overwhelm and consume us — He is there. No, that can’t and doesn’t pay the bills – But – it brings peace knowing that He is there 24/7 with a listening ear. He can and will comfort us through all of life’s trouble and strife, trials and tribulation. He’s there to celebrate with us through all the good, exciting events in life. He wants to  share in all we experience. We just have to allow it.

I know this is hitting home with someone reading this. Life is hard for so many of us. My friend and I today discussed what so many Pastors have said, “At any given time we all are in one of three positions. (1) Going into a storm (2) In a storm (3) Coming out of a storm.  To some it seems we never get out of a storm, there is no reprieve. We’re hit with just one thing right after another. If this is you — I hope and pray that if you do not yet know Jesus – that you will open your heart and let him in – today. Right this moment. Or, if you already know Him — I pray that you will turn over your trials, tribulations, worries, fears to Him at this moment. When we accept Jesus, when we have a relationship with Him, we know Him, we allow Him to be Lord of our lives. When we do this, we can place all our junk at His feet, and turn it all over to Him. No, it doesn’t mean that all bad in our life will disappear. But, I can attest to the fact that it sure changes how we feel and deal with all that is bad.

Like you, I too wish that life could be easier. I wish that more things would work out and go my way. I wish that I could still have the income I once had so that I could travel to visit my daughter and grandkids, and family in Illinois whenever I wanted. I wish I didn’t have to stress and wonder if bills will get paid. But, such is life – and this is where it has me at this stage of my life. I didn’t expect to ever be here again after how hard I have worked all my life. I truly believed once I had a college degree and began making money, that I would never live in poverty again. I was wrong. But – I can’t let that define me, or who I am. Money doesn’t define how important we are to God. I know in the secular world it changes opinions of us. People tend to have a lower opinion or appreciation for those not in certain tax brackets. I saw it and experienced it myself.

All this to say:  If you are struggling in any way – turn to the Lord, Or turn back to Him. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you will never have problems again, or that life will now be easy. The opposite is true. We’re told in Scripture that we WILL face many trials. Christians will face more than others. But, He will be there for us to carry us through. He can and will change how we handle things. What once would have destroyed us – He uses to make us stronger. Remember – what and how things are here on earth is not what is important. How and where we spend our eternity is what is important. If we have Christ in our lives – we will spend our eternity with Him. We may suffer all of life’s days here on earth – BUT – one day, we will live in complete paradise with our Lord. That is worth everything we have to endure here.

Please pray for me in my struggle, as I pray for all reading who needed to hear this at this moment.

Until Next Time,

Posted July 21, 2016

For those of you who regularly check in for updates – I apologize. I haven’t been able to post updates on the site for the July 14 issue until this evening. So – I have included info from July 14 and 18 issues at this time.

While working on the last issue my newest laptop got zapped with what I was told was “hacker hits”. Since I cannot pay for internet at home/office I always have to sit at Corner Bakery to use their wi fi to work on the paper and do anything requiring internet. The anti virus software that came on the laptop expired in May, just six months after getting the new laptop. And lo and behold – according to the guy that checked it out – I began getting hacker hits just a few days after. That’s the problem with having to always use unsecure internet sites. So, I have had to go back to using the old laptop – that has major issues of its own, thus the reason I had to get a new one when I did!  Until now, I had not been able to get it to stay online long enough to update the site, since I can only use it while using data share from my phone to the laptop. Since the anti virus software is expired on it also I can’t risk getting it online at Corner Bakery or any unsecure site anymore either. This has made it quite difficult to put out the last two issues of the paper, or do any of the other work I am required to do.  PLEASE, when and if you think of it – pray for healing for my laptops – for new clients  to come on board with advertising dollars so that perhaps I can save up money to purchase anti virus software and maybe save the newer computer. Not to mention tons of my time. This old laptop has trouble staying online with my data share, so two nights ago took me four hours to manage to get three documents emailed to my designer for this issue. That is senseless.

I don’t understand it – not sure whether to believe I am once again under attack – Spiritual Warfare and all that, or if it is just another bad thing that has happened. Which these seem to be non-stop. I appreciate your prayers. I definitely need the Lord’s help, and provision to continue this work.

Until Next Time,

Posted June 16, 2016

At this time we are all burdened with heavy hearts over all that has transpired recently in Orlando, FL.  First a singer is gunned down at a concert – female, Christian singer. I wasn’t familiar with her so can’t recall her name at this time. Then the largest mass shooting in American history at the night club, then the little boy killed by an alligator.

This is enough tragedies  in one month – let alone all in one city in a matter of just a week or two. I’m certain Orlando is just reeling in sadness, fear and despair. We all need to be praying for all the family and friends affected by each of these tragedies and for the whole of Orlando. We just never know. These things can happen at any time, in any place. We can only pray our loved ones never experience such tragedy. Please agree to join in prayer as often as you think of it.

Precious Heavenly Father –

I lift up all those affected by these tragedies in Orlando. Touch the family members, help them to feel You with them. for those who are lost, I pray that through the counseling received through these incidents that they will discover Jesus, and how You love them. Help them to realize they don’t want to risk eternity without You. Comfort each one and help them to find peace and stability in this unstable world – through Your gift of Salvation.

Father there is so much evil in the world today – our Nation is in turmoil because so many have required we take God out of the equation. Father in this election year help “we the people” to vote in your choice of candidates for every position from the top down, in local and national elections. Father I ask that You give a special touch, a nudge towards Yourself to all those who will come into office . I pray that those who come into office will seek You and allow You to guide their steps, their leading of the people – so that the USA can get back to the great Nation it once was. Back to the way it was planned when the Constitution was signed, and our founding fathers considered it a Christian Nation.

I love You Lord and thank You for all You have done and will continue to do for me, my family,  and this ministry. Father I ask that You help me find solid Christian leaders in the communities we serve that will partner in supporting this ministry via advertising dollars. Send them to me, or lead me to them. Either way – I need Your help Father. I can’t do this alone, and I don’t want to! I pray that You continue to bless all who read the paper and may they always find at least one thing, if not more in each issue that speaks to them and leads them to a closer walk  and relationship with You.

In Jesus’ Name,


Posted June 2, 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son-in-law, Andrew and my daughter, Jenna who will have birthdays on the 11th and the 12th.

Happy Birthday Jenna Andrewcolor

Just noticed the last time I posted we had just gotten a bit of rain – the first in quite some time. And … we finally got rain on my side of town yesterday. Only it was much more, and very much needed. My fruit trees I’m sure were breathing sighs of relief and exclaiming, “Thank You Jesus!”

Speaking of the fruit trees – I went out yesterday morning to check on them – I normally only have time to get out there on the week-end, and not every week-end do I have daylight hours free that I can spend out there. But, right as I got out I noticed a beautiful butterfly on one of the Pomegranate trees. I hurried to get my phone out hoping to snap a picture, but – he flew away. To my surprise he landed on the nearby peach tree, and actually allowed me to get real close for a great picture. Was hoping to include it here for you all to enjoy — but — took the picture on my phone and have not transferred to the laptop yet – and since I am working on this while enjoying Black Currant tea at Corner Bakery, I don’t have the cord with me to attach phone to laptop for transfer. So – will try to remember to get that posted here in next few days – just in case anyone is interested.

Finally able to post the butterfly pic. Anyone know what kind this is?


So…. I’m sure like me you have all been hearing and/ or seeing all the comments on social media, and the news about the gorilla that was killed recently at a Zoo. Of course it was done so to be sure to save the life of a three year old child. What do you all think / feel about all this?  I heard this morning on TV that a woman mistaken for the child’s mom had been accosted verbally multiple times already (mistaken identity) but she has been threatened, AND someone went as far as to say her child’s limbs should be removed and fed to the apes!!  I can’t even imagine someone thinking that, in another words that the animal was more important than the child – much less say it out loud to someone!

I love animals, and believe in protecting them – believe me – I am not a hater of animals. BUT, I’m not sorry to say, that I believe a human’s life is more important and precious than an animals. I hate that a rare animal had to die. But, they felt they had to do it for the safety of the child. Now, how a child so young could get away from its parents, and manage to find its way into the gorilla’s  territory without notice – is beyond me. I just can’t comprehend that – but, kids are kids, and left unattended for even a second – things can and will happen. That said — I still don’t think the parents deserve to have their lives threatened, nor people to think the child should be ripped apart and fed to animals. He was 3 – he had no idea what he was doing, or what could happen. Most likely, he had no intentions whatsoever of ending up in the gorilla pen – wouldn’t you think?

All that to say — there is just WAY too much hate in the world. Our country is falling apart at the seams. A lot has to do with our government and the crazy things they are doing, allowing, etc. But – it can’t all be blamed on them. We as citizen MUST be responsible to act responsibly, and to treat people with respect and share and show God’s love wherever we are. If all Christians would make a point to do this – we COULD make a difference. But, unfortunately there are many who people would have no idea are believers. Why is that, do you think?  How about you?  When you are in the public’s eye can people tell there is something different? Even without you having to say, “I’m a Christian?”  We are to be salt and light to the world. People should see a difference in how we live, act, react to the world. I remember years ago the first time someone commented to me, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” It surprised me, it came out of the blue – it was with someone just sort of in passing. I replied that I was, then asked why they asked that. “You just are different from what I am used to, so knew you had to be!”  That felt SO good. Similar has happened since then, and each time it gives me a good feeling inside. I can sense it in others as well.

So, again – how about you – can people sense it in you without being told?  We are called to come to Jesus “just as we are” – and He will and does accept us just that way. BUT, we are to allow Him to mold and shape us and change us from the inside out. If we allow that change – people should be able to tell.  As we grow in our faith and belief in Christ changes naturally take place – unless we hinder them. For females – they begin to dress more conservatively if they hadn’t prior. We stop using foul language – if that was a habit we held. Places we frequent will change if we were prone to unsavory establishments. You get the drift.

Now go out there and let your light shine for Christ!

Until Next Time,

Posted May 19, 2016

So happy we finally got a little rain yesterday on my side of town. Not a lot – but I guess there was enough in town somewhere that it sure helped cool things down. Temp wise it was nice out yesterday, and is today as well. Wish this could stick around for awhile.

Heard briefly yesterday about another airplane disappearing. I believe it was an EygptAire plane. I’ve heard 69, 66 and 61 for number of people aboard, depending on who’s telling it. I haven’t heard anything today yet if plane has been discovered as crashed or is still considered missing. And last I heard they weren’t ruling out terrorism. Please  be praying for the families of those aboard the flight as they wait for news on their loved ones – as well as those aboard in case there is still a chance they have survived.  Things like this show us that we really need to be ready, to be right with our Lord at all times. We never know when tragedy could strike us. If they’ve lost their lives, I pray those aboard knew Christ as their Savior.

Memorial Day will come and go before we meet here again. Be sure to honor all those who served our country and gave their lives either during their service or after. Most of us enjoy the day as a day off work or school, time to cook out and spend with family and friends. Nothing wrong with those things – but we can’t forget our service men and women, and their dedication to our country and protecting our rights and freedoms we so enjoy.

Until Next Time,

Posted May 10, 2016

I apologize to those of you who check the site for updates early. As you know, I usually have the updates on site by Friday latest prior to paper printing on Monday a.m. But things were really hectic as I worked my Rotary Club’s Golf Tournament all day Friday. Since I had to get the paper finalized the night before along with other things completed for the paper and last minute things for the Tournament I ended up having to stay up all night, and then work the tourney all day with no sleep. Needless to say, by the time I made it all the way home to far East side from Painted Dunes Golf Course in the far Northeast — I had no energy to go hit wi fi to update anything!

(If you have read the cover story – rest assured, I will get the promised S.L.E.D. Test posted as well. I have it scanned and saved on a memory card in my laptop at home, but unfortunately forgot to bring the memory card with me to use in the laptop I use to work on. So … I will get it posted tomorrow, Wednesday, Lord willing).

I finally got to spend some time working in my back yard on Saturday – pulling grass and weeds that have grown under all the fruit trees since January, when last I was able to get out there to do anything. All the trees are coming along nicely – fruit on all trees, but so far no grapes on either arbour. After accidental over-watering late in the season last year I was told that the grapes may not make it. They do have leaves, so at least that part is growing, just not seeing any fruit yet. But, since last year was my first year experiencing fruit trees – I just can’t remember when I first started seeing grapes then.  So far, there is about four times the amount of Pomegranates as last year. so provided they all make it – I will be swimming in them! I’m hoping to get some of the peaches and figs this year. I couldn’t figure out why the peaches were always on the ground, had thought it was from all the high winds. But, shortly after all the trees were picked bare and cleaned – I discovered a very large grey cat comes into my yard every day, multiple times per day. Thus, the reason I kept finding dead birds. It doesn’t have a collar, but is very well groomed so I doubt seriously it is a stray. I figure it is a neighbors house cat, that they let out to roam to potty and get exercise, and then it goes home when it chooses. I’ve now seen it many times out pawing at the tree limbs, trying to climb the trees to get at birds, etc. So, I figure that is what happened to the peaches. Now the figs …. not sure what to think. I’ve been told the birds and ants probably got them. I would check them and they wouldn’t be slightly soft, which I was told is when they were ready to pick. Then a few days later when could go check again, they would be all gone. A few on the ground – but the rest – just gone completely!   And the quince trees – they both produced a ton. Not having a clue what to do with them, I didn’t keep any of those. I gave the bulk of the fruit to my landlords who have a non-profit organization that owns and operates a children’s home in Juarez, as well as a few shelters for the homeless there.  That was the purpose they planted the trees in the first place.

Any way – all that to say, really – is just that I enjoy so much watching the process of the different fruits growing. Isn’t it amazing how God orchestrated all things? He is the mastermind that created human-kind and formed the inner workings of our bodies, who set in motion how each organ would work and how the would function as a whole to make us human. And has done the same with everything. He crafted how our plants, trees, etc. would grow – the process they each would go through, and how and which would nourish our bodies.

I look around at all there is in our universe and am astounded that there are so many who don’t believe in God, as if all things just exist on their own. That there wasn’t a master craftsman behind all things, speaking them all into existence. That blows my mind. How about you?  Do you ever just sit and ponder on the things around you growing and imagine how they do it? Imagine the inner workings? Watching new life – especially human – to me is the most evident. Watching my children born, and then having the opportunity to watch three of my grandkids born – it is amazing. God determined just how long they needed to be inside mommy’s tummy, when the hands and feet would form, the eyes, ears, nose. The umbilical cord that attaches it to mommy, that is its life-blood. These things couldn’t just happen!

If you haven’t, or haven’t done so recently – I suggest you sit outside somewhere there are trees, flowers, plants or fields of some kind. Look at them, and imagine what goes on inside them to make them grow and become what they are intended to be. Years ago I was delivering papers in the country area near La Union, and saw a field of pretty yellow flowers. I thought, “Wow, wonder what kind of flowers?” And then imagined that this must be how flower shops get their flowers, since they go through so many – they must have fields somewhere growing mile after mile. I parked the car to investigate them closer. I promise I didn’t pick any –  but I did take close up photos of them. I had never seen anything like them before, so wanted to find out what they were. The next day I showed the pictures to several people and was shocked what I learned. Each person I showed them to were very familiar with them just by looking at the photos. It was a cotton field I was looking at!  What!!??!!  They informed me that the early stages of growth produces the flowers, but assured me, those would disappear and then cotton would appear shortly.  I couldn’t believe that. But, sure enough in time as I continued to pass that field the flowers were gone, and then in time cotton appeared. I had never seen cotton growing – so this was quite an experience. Now, I see these fields all over, but still marvel each time I see the pretty flowers – and realize that before long cotton will be there – which is needed for so many products we use every day.

Isn’t that just like God to provide us with something beautiful to look at, that will then also be beneficial to us once the beauty is long gone?  He provides for us in so many ways that most never really consider or realize. It makes me realize that I am not always as grateful as I should be. I struggle financially and that causes fear and worry to seep in. But then I am reminded of all the ways He provides in miraculous ways that are all around us – and for the most part – we don’t even notice it. So, I urge you – take a look around and take note of all around you that wouldn’t be here for you, for us, if not for God’s provision in the first place. Then give Him thanks and praise for it.

Thank You and praise You, Father for all You have provided for us. Forgive us for not always seeing or understanding exactly all that You have done and provided for our benefit. You alone are the great Provider and all things were designed and crafted by You. Thank You for designing such a beautiful planet – Earth – to be our home, to live in and enjoy. Help us to be more aware of our surroundings every day, to seek out the beauty that You provided, some for our pleasure and others also for our benefit. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Lift up your thanks and praise also, He loves to hear from us.

Until Next Time,

Posted April 21, 2016

Like me, I’m sure you have heard these questions – or even asked them yourself: What are we here for? What is it really all about?  What is the real purpose?  Most of us understand we are to seek, serve and be loved by God. But to many – that makes no sense.

There are those who feel if they don’t have a significant other in their lives – they are a failure or have no purpose to life. But, we are called first and foremost to love and serve the Lord. Having a spouse or significant other is secondary. Other people in our lives should not lead us away from our Relationship with our Heavenly Father. If or when it does, we can’t be truly happy. Oh, plenty think they are – but without our Father – we can’t find true purpose and fulfillment in life.

Yes, if you are married – loving your spouse if very important. Being true to him / her is important. But, if you elevate that person over God – it won’t go well. Too many of us find ourselves putting a spouse, children, family, friends above God in our lives. We are called to love our Lord first, above all others and all else in life. I know if most were honest we would admit we have been guilty of this at some point in life, or perhaps are at present. I know I have. Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve allowed other people or things to become more important, or to have more value to us than our Relationship with Christ.

How about you? Think over your human relationships. Are you putting any above God? Giving any more value than God? How about things, stuff? If so, don’t feel condemned. We can all find ourselves in the same position. God knows we are human, all He asks is that we repent, give it over to Him. You can do this, right now. Ask forgiveness of your sin, turn it over to Him and ask Him to help make it right. Ask His help in putting the right priorities in your relationships, and helping you to keep Him first in your life. Pray also that He will be made first in all those you have relationships with. Ask Him to help them see that you should never be put above the Lord either. Do the same if you see that you are valuing things or stuff over Him. Ask Him to help you not view your things with such high value, to help you see, feel and believe that nothing else is as important, or has as much value in your life as Jesus our Savior.

God must have given me this message for someone who would be reading. If that is you – I pray it helps. It is not meant to condemn, or cause you to feel guilty and ashamed. Only to help you see how easy it is to repent, seek forgiveness – and then to revel in the peace that washes over you as our Lord and Savior cleanses you of even this. He is there for you 24/7 always, even when no one else can or will be. All He wants is for you to call on Him. You can speak to Him about this particular issue – or ANYTHING – and turn it over to Him any time day or night. Is there anything on your heart that you should  turn over?  Won’t you call on Him now?

Until Next Time,

Posted April 8, 2016

Ahhhhh, we finally got rain over night last night! It helped to cool things off a bit so that has been nice today. Not to mention it perked up my roses and fruit trees! Although they are all watered on a regular basis – they just seem to thrive more on rain water. After all, it is God’s natural nourishment, so that makes sense, right?  Holds true for humans as well if we think about it. We grow and thrive more from and through the nourishment of the Holy Spirit than anything else. Of course we have to allow Him in and to work in our lives. He never forces His way in. He gave each human being free will to make our own decisions and choices in life. I don’t know about you, but there sure have been times in my life I wish someone else could or would make the decisions for me!  Have you felt that way before?

The biggest, most important decision a person can or will ever make in life is whether or not they will choose to accept Jesus Christ as their person Savior OR choose to deny Him. The Lord gives many opportunities for us to choose Him. Many feel they can wait, put it off until it seems more convenient, until they’ve “sown their wild oats” or whatever. But, we are never guaranteed tomorrow. We don’t know from one day to the next, or even one minute to the next if we will still be here, be alive, be in the position to make a conscious decision. Have you made that decision yet for your life? If you have not, I strongly urge you to think about it sincerely weigh the options. On one hand – if you accept Him, you will have eternal life in Him. On the other hand – if you choose to deny Him, when you die you will spend the eternity of your after life in misery, in hell. When we die we all have eternity – it just depends on what choice you made in life – where and how you will spend that eternity. One choice provides an eternity of peace, love, spending it with our Jesus and all other Christ-followers who passed on before us. The other leads to extreme pain – physically and mentally, misery “in the fires of the pit of hell” we’re told.

I remember when I was young and didn’t want to give up my “party” life, the fun life so I thought at the time. What a joke. I grew up in church, I knew the drill. I lived life how I wanted at that time, but in the dark of night when I was all alone, I worried about my eternity. I begged forgiveness. But, was right back at it the next night. I finally wised up at age 32 and rededicated my life to the Lord and gave up my foolish, childish ways as the Bible tells us we are to do. I have never been the same! Praise God. He accepted me just as I was, in all my sin and shame. When I felt filthy, and disgusting – He saw me as beautiful, His child, and loved me unconditionally. That was unusual for me. I had always felt there were conditions for someone to love me. And the peace that I have grown to know, that each day no matter what happens to me, when I leave this world – I will instantly be in the next with my Heavenly Father!

If you haven’t chosen to accept Jesus as your Savior yet, I hope that you will seriously consider it. Don’t you want the peace in your life that can only come from Jesus?

Until Next Time,

Posted March 23, 2016

I’m getting this posted and the site updated later than normal, so for those of you who check in early – since it normally is updated before the hard copy actually prints — I apologize.

I rarely get to take time off or get out of El Paso, except when I am delivering papers and make it to Las Cruces, Anthony, La Union, Santa Teresa, Clint and Fabens. But… the past couple weeks have been a whirl-wind for me.  I spent three days in Albuquerque for Rotary at the annual PETS training. Then I was home for three days, then off via plane to the Houston area for five days to visit my daughter and her family. I flew in late Sunday night, got home around midnight, unpacked, did laundry, tried to unwind. Got to bed at 4 am and then was up and at ’em early the next morning to head to Las Cruces to pick this issue up at the print shop and begin delivering. This task takes me 16 hours on Monday and about the same on Tuesday – so average of 32 hours in two day period. I am normally pretty beat then come Wednesday — and especially this time (yesterday) after all the travel and lack of sleep and going right into delivery. I had planned to update the site while in Houston, but once there I totally forgot it!

As usual things have been crazy since last I posted. More of the political nonsense splattered across the airwaves (I wish there didn’t have to be such negative back-biting) as well as yet another Terrorist attack, this time in Brussels. I understand they believe they have caught the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, and some say they feel he was behind these new ones as well. Please join me in prayer for all the families affected by this latest attack. Actually, family or not – we are ALL affected by each of these attacks. But pray for those closest to those who lost their lives and those who were injured. Pray also for the city, the businesses and the people of Brussels to help them face each new day and become stronger in the wake of this tragedy. Help them to rebuild and be all the more stronger – willing to move on and not let fear rule their lives. Because if they let fear overcome – then ISIS wins.

For those of us who have read the Bible, clear to the end – or even just Revelations – we know who wins in the end – and it isn’t evil, is it? NO – our Lord wins!!

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the anniversary of the day Jesus the Messiah suffered attacks on his physical body. He faced this alone, willingly. He accepted the will of His Father – that he would be beaten and crucified on a cross for the sins of the world. He died a horrible death, faced extreme brutality – all to be the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all humanity. He did it for all, but would have done it even for just one! Is that not unfathomable? He died that day, then was placed in a tomb – and to fulfill prophesy – he rose on the third day, HE LIVES!! After appearing to many (which helped them believe that he arose, and that his body was not just moved) he ascended to Heaven to be seated at the right hand of His Father, our Heavenly Father.

So often unbelievers or those who have different faith than ours will ask, “What is the difference between your Jesus and Mohammed, or Budha?”  Well, Jesus was more than just a good man, prophet, teacher as many claimed him to be. He was, and is, the Messiah. When those other “prophets” died – they stayed dead. Their bones are still placed right where they were laid to rest. Jesus is the only one that once dead, buried and in a tomb for three days – arose from the dead – and lives again! The tomb is empty, because he lives on in Heaven for all eternity. Isn’t that amazing? What’s even more amazing to me, is that Jesus came to earth as a baby and lived and walked this earth a sinless man. He endured all he did in those last days before the cross because he loved all of humanity, even those he never met, those who were not even born during his lifetime on earth. He endured it all because the Trinity wanted humanity to have the ultimate sacrifice to provide a means to our ability to have everlasting life with and in Him.

For those who have accepted that free gift of salvation – we will spend eternity with our Lord. If you are not one of those to this point – no fear. You can be!  You can accept Christ at any moment. He is always there waiting, willing and able to hear you ask Him for the gift of Salvation, and to repent and turn to Him, to allow Him control over your life. Most think this is a hard thing to do — but it is not. You can choose to contact a Pastor to explain things, and to then pray through a sinners prayer with you. Or ask a Christian friend or relative. But, you can even do this on your own, right now. You call out to him and speak with him as you would a friend. He is closer than a brother. You tell him you know you are a sinner, you repent of your sins, ask forgiveness and help to turn away from the sinful ways in your life. You relinquish control over your life, and ask Him to lead you in His ways and His will.

Once you’ve done this make sure to find a good church home that is a Bible preaching/teaching church. It is very important that you find a true Christian church as not all are so, even though they call themselves such. Make sure to get a Bible if you don’t have one, many churches will provide one if you let them know you are newly saved and need a Bible. Begin to read and study the Word as much as possible. Begin at the Gospels, in John. Attend church services as often as you can (1) to help you learn as much as possible (2) to help keep you on the right path (3) to fellowship with other believers as we are called to do in the Bible.

If you are recently born-again Christian, CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve made the best, most important decision in your life. One that you will never regret. I pray that you will continue to grow in the Lord, and then to tell others of your newfound faith in Christ and what He has done for you. He has saved you from the pit, and given you the gift of eternal life.

Until Next Time,

Posted March 3, 2016

I always seem to discuss the weather here – so guess I shouldn’t waiver ….. It is so hard to believe that it is supposed to be winter still, yet we have mid 80s temps. Some days have been down right hot. But, I heard a blurb on the news this morning that it is possible we will be in the 50s next week. That should be a nice reprieve for a bit. I don’t want freezing temps – but just not yet ready for high 80s a 90s just yet either. I love Spring, so would like to enjoy a long Springtime – wouldn’t you??

So — did you go out and vote??  If not, what held you back? Time constraints, not registered, couldn’t decided who to go for, don’t want to get involved??  You do know that it is your God given right to have a say, to voice your opinion – to VOTE. If you aren’t registered, PLEASE arrange to do so right away so that you can take part next time. If it is time constraints – consider going to early voting I have never had to wait, even on election day the most I’ve had to wait is about five minutes. There just aren’t high numbers of El Pasoans that vote. That’s a shame. We could make a difference if we all voted.

Next question – how many of you have watched at least one of the Debates? All of them??  There is one on as I write this but I am having to miss it, as I am working at a wi fi spot with the designer finalizing pages for the March 10 issue that prints on Monday. It is one I really would liked to have seen since the Republicans are now finally down to just four to debate.  I wish so much that we hadn’t begun with so many candidates to fight over votes.  I’ve gotten to see a few of the Republican Debates, none of the Democrat ones.

Please join me in concentrated prayer in regards to this election.

Until Next Time,

Posted February 19, 2016

We quickly went from winter temps, breezed quickly through spring temps and rushed right into summer temps!  Days in the 80s in February, nothing like it.

So for all the El Paso area readers, my question is:  Did you attend the visit of the Pope in Juarez on the 18th?  Or, the event at the Sun Bowl?  Also, I’m curious as to people’s reactions to his visit, or what you feel or felt about it. I have heard so many different opinion, it is just always interesting to hear what others are thinking and feeling. There is a young man who is a student at Cathedral High School here in El Paso that is considering writing a story about his experience while at the Mass and events during the Pope’s visit. I’m curious to see what a high school student will have to say. He is planning to go to college majoring in Journalism from what I understand, so I’m certain it will be a well written article.

Strange isn’t it how at times the passage of time seems to just fly by, while others it puts along. February 8th marked the 50 year anniversary of my daddy’s passing. I just can’t believe it has been that long. I was just five years old when he died. It has been hard growing up and living without him, but from the time I was old enough to understand that he was in Heaven, and once I got saved too I would see him again it made it a bit easier. I love and miss him dearly every single day.

For all who are reading who have also lost a parent my heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to live without a parent, one of the most important role models a child can have. My heart goes out also to all who have lost a child or sibling. I pray the Lord touches your heart and fills you with His peace and comforts you throughout your days.

Go out there and treat others as you wish to be treated. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Give someone whom you know to be lonely a hug, or invite them to lunch, or to church with you. Small things to you may be a huge thing to someone else.

Until next time,

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Posted February 4, 2016

As I stated in the last post, I am STILL having major computer issues. Still unable to do many things with the new computer that any computer should be able to do. I am at a loss as to where the problems lie – is it with Dell (the computer) OR is it with Windows 10??  I suppose I will have to sit at a wi fi spot for hours dealing with techs from each company to get all the kinks worked out. I have NEVER had issues like this when purchasing a brand new computer of any kind. It has been most disappointing. I have wanted to go back to a Dell for so many years – I have only had one Dell prior, and it lasted me five years and was the best computer I had ever had. All others have only ever lasted two years, some not even that.  So, quite frankly I am fairly certain the issue is not with Dell. I’ve heard that there are major glitches with Windows 10 – and I hadn’t wanted to have to use that Operating System. BUT – when I put the laptop on lay away, that was the only option, all new computers had that system.  I have always waited for quite some time of a new OS to be out before upgrading to them, to make sure all the kinks and glitches were worked out. But, this time I had no choice since the old laptop was on its last leg. But unfortunately I am having to use it as much as the new one, since the new one can’t do so many of the things I HAVE to do for the paper.

Tonight while we were trying to finalize and proof pages my graphic designer and I both were having major issues with the internet, and I also with the computer. It took us twice as long to complete the proofing process as it has been. We both were quite frustrated. SO – please as you think of it, remember us in your prayers. Join me in praying that the Lord will touch the computers and make them all work correctly; and that He will cause the internet connections for both of us to work at top condition.

I have a feeling it is Spiritual Warfare causing us to struggle to get the paper out. We all know that satan doesn’t want anyone to work for Jesus, or to help spread the Good News of Salvation, and Christ’s love for one and all. So, I rebuke you satan, in the Name of Jesus – be gone with you and leave us alone!

I’m sure many of you are preparing for Sunday evening – the big Super Bowl game. I am not a football fan, but I have seen Peyton Manning on man shows over the years and think he is a wonderful man, therefore, am hoping that the Broncos win it since it is said to be his last season.

So who are you cheering for? What are your reasons? Are you a die hard fan, or do you cheer on the team that your father loves, or husband or boyfriend? Let’s be praying that all on both teams play fairly without any negative actions. As well as praying for safety for all. This game can be so very dangerous on the field at the time of play, as well as later in life with things coming up from the game they had no idea of. And while you’re at it – be praying that all those watching the game in the stands, as well as at viewing parties and gatherings in homes, etc. will also keep their heads and act responsibly and safely. Enjoy the game if you plan to watch.

Until Next Time,

Posted January 29, 2016

I am getting the site updated very late from the January 28 issue. I have been having major computer issues with my laptop seeming on its last leg.  Although I could not afford it, I put a new on on layaway while WalMart had layaway available for Christmas. I had nearly three months to pay on it, and it was all I could do to get it paid off and out of layaway in time. I got it out Dec. 14 on deadline but didn’t get time to mess with it until mid-January. Then – since it was Windows 10 and functions much differently than Windows 8 – I had to put it off yet again to give me time to “learn” it. By the Jan. 28 issue I was desperate with need to use it since the old laptop was failing so badly.

But – Lo and behold – the new laptop had major issues too. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with a Dell tech while he tried to deal with some of the issues. One being, that the laptop couldn’t get on the internet! There was no “icon” as there should have been to click on, and even when typing in web addresses in Cortana it only worked a couple times over a two week period. That tech was able to fix that issue and after taking control of my computer he placed an icon on it and the ability for it to work! Yay – thanks dude 🙂

Then, while working on this issue I discovered the laptop also had no PDF progam – I can’t recall ever having a computer that didn’t come with some form of Adobe PDF reader on it. But, this one doesn’t have one, AND – worst of all I have spent hours on multiple days trying to instal one, and somehow the computer won’t let it install. I was told by one it was the anti-virus software, yet that didn’t have a box pop up as usual to say that was what was happening. More recently I had someone tell me that it is probably a glitch within Windows 10. Ohhhh brother!  So – after always feeling it a pain to drag laptop and things into wi fi spots to work, now I drag two – the newest one to work on, and the old one to deal with PDFs since I can’t do that on the new one.

Then another issue was – trying to get my Office 365 subscription to download onto the new laptop. In the past it has installed on my other laptops within 45 minutes or less. When I finally got to deal with doing it on this one – after several hours I had to call Microsoft techs to have them help. Again, had to allow a tech to take control of my laptop and they did what they could on their end. In the end it took four hours to install. I just don’t understand – you buy a newer model that whether you want them comes with more bells and whistles – and this has yet again a much larger hard drive, much faster processor, a lot more memory — so one would think it would work MUCH better. But, I’m learning that is not always the case. I’ve never had this happen to me with a brand new computer. Part of me wondered if it is a lemon machine so is the fault of Dell (which I love Dell computers) OR if it is actually issues within Windows 10. I tend to believe it is Windows 10. I hate that this came with that – I have really gotten accustomed to 8 over the past few years. But — hey, I guess we have to be willing to move ahead and advance as they feel we should, right?!

So – all that to say — now down to updating the site. If you are one that goes through a lot of things on the site – I’m sure you will notice some big changes. For the past couple years it has been taking over an hour and up to two hours to update the site, when it used to take 20 mintues! I figure a lot of the issues I’ve had is because there was SO much text on each page. This is a free site/page – so most likely they aren’t thinking people would have so much text.  SO I have tried several different days to update the site and was unable to do it. I wasn’t sure if it was the computer, or the site. So, after spending several hours trying to make it all work today, I finally just had to take the plunge and start deleting pages and starting over. I had to do it because after finally being able to copy and paste the info on the page it belonged – then the site wouldn’t save it. So I had done all the work over several hours, for nothing. SO – unfortunately I’ve deleted a ton of stuff – and in order to do it had to completely delete pages, and then create them over again just using recent text. HOWEVER – I did manage to keep all the old ASK questions and responses since that has been the most popular / favorite page.  So all the old stuff is still under just ASK and the new from here on out will be under ASK 2016 and then corresponding years as we go forward I suppose.

Keep me and the computers in your prayers please!

Until Next Time,

Mom Birthday

Posted January 8, 2016

WOWZA — what a way to usher in a New Year eh?? The weather we have been having is preposterous – In my opinion, that is. I know many people who live in the Borderland enjoy when we have the cold and snow, since it is so rare to these parts. But, having grown up in Illinois – I experienced all the cold and snow I care to have. Yes, snow is pretty – if all you have to do is view it through the windows while getting stay curled up inside where it is nice and cozy warm! And safe. I drove on the yucky stuff for years, so am very experienced at it — but still don’t like it. And my biggest fear is never myself and my own ability – it is that of all those around me. I just plain don’t like it. So….I will be mighty glad when there is no more chance of snow, and it gets back in the 70s, or even 60s. I don’t even mind 50s as long as there is no lingering snow on the ground!

Today between 11:00 and 11:30 am I experienced beautiful sunny calm weather at my home area on the Eastside, then drove to the Northeast for my Rotary meeting, and just on the drive there I went through rain, then hail, then snow, rain again, snow again, then hail. I was in the building for about an hour and a half – and when I left the NE headed to Central area – I drove through the same scenario until I got back to the East side. On my side of town it is just cold, and windy. I’ll take it, at least I am not getting wet in any way.

I trust each of you reading this had a wonderfully, blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ, and then ushered in a very safe, New Year. I pray New Year blessings for each of us throughout 2016. I am hoping and praying for 2016 to be a wonderful year. I’m hoping that many advertisers will come on board to support this ministry to help us continue the work called to do. If you have a business, ministry, church, school – anything – please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry and being a part of helping us reach the unchurched as well as other Christians throughout the Borderland. If you aren’t in a position to advertise or support the paper, please pass on this request to those you know who could be. Ask them to pray about it, then call me at 329-0824 or email at we can’t do this without the help of many others who can faithfully help fund the work we do. If that is not you, then support by praying, won’t you?

Until Next Time,






































































































































Thoughts For Today


When you became a believer, you also became God’s messenger. God wants to speak to the world through you. Paul said, “We speak the truth before God, as messengers of God.”    2 Corinthians 2:17b NCV

Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey finally made it in to El Paso on Saturday around 12:15 pm. Originally they were scheduled to be here on Friday evening but things took so long finalizing in Killeen that by the time they hit the road they decided to stop and stay at a motel instead of driving all the way in one shot. Jenna pulled a prank I was afraid of – and told me they would be in around 2:00 pm or later.  So I was busy frantically cleaning and preparing for their stay with me – when they showed up at 12:15 while I was taking a much needed break in my office chair trying to cool off.  They had parked on the street instead of the driveway so that I wouldn’t hear them.  My son must have been in on it because he announced, “I’m going to go check the mail for a minute” which I felt was a strange  comment since the mailbox is right outside the front door only 15 feet or so from where I was sitting.  I was exhausted, pondering over what all was left to do and only having an hour or so left to do it in – when I looked up and there was my Kelsey girl walking towards me!!  Naturally I started crying – I was so thrilled to see her. My how she’s grown. I have missed her so much – I knew I had, but hadn’t realized how incredibly much until I had her in my arms hugging her. She finally said, “Nana stop squeezing me so hard!”  So as you can imagine I am floating on cloud 9 to have my girls back here where I can see them and spend time with them any time we want, and feel I can know they are safe – or at least are close by if they need me I can get to them quickly.

For now, they are all staying with me. They didn’t learn until the moving truck was totally done loading all their belongings that it would not be heading to El Paso right away.  They asked of their approximate arrival time and was told that the orders didn’t call for the truck to be in El Paso until the 21st!  So for all you praying folks out there – please pray that everything can get settled sooner because Andrew will need to fly out on the 22nd in order to be in Killeen to fly to Korea with his unit on the 23rd.  Of course they were hoping to move all in to the new apartment, have time to get things unpacked and settled and spend quality time together as a family in the new place before Andrew had to leave.  They already had an apartment picked out, deposit paid and I picked up the keys on Friday thinking that the moving truck would be coming in before Jenna and Andrew since they were staying behind to clean once everything was out of the house.  Unfortunately when we all went in to the apartment on Saturday the hot water heater had been leaking water for who knows how long and water was soaked through much of the living room carpet, the toilet in the master bedroom was broken, and quite a few other things were wrong with the place.  So – now they aren’t pleased with that place since they were put off on repairs and told that it wouldn’t be ready until Wednesday. As you can imagine – because they were originally expected to take it in that condition now they don’t feel comfortable with that particular company. So – they are out running around today trying to find another that is in the area they like, at the cost they can afford etc.  So until all is settled I will have them under my roof – right where I want my Kelsey girl!!

It has been such a blast aleady having Kelsey with me.  Except I will have a hard time working since I just want to spend my time with her – and my office is in the house. Today she wanted to stay with me while Jenna and Andrew went to look for apartments – it was so hard for me to have to tell her that I needed her to go with them so I could get some work done.  That will be the hardest part while they are staying here. I want to spend every minute possible with her – but I do have to get work done. So – again – for all you praying folks – keep me in your prayers also so that I can concentrate on work when I need to to get these issues out! I just love her so much that I don’t want to let her out of my site. As they were leaving she kissed me goodbye and as she walked off she said, “Don’t worry Nana I promise to come back to you.”  You can’t imagine how that melted my heart.

That has stuck with me for these hours since they’ve left and I am reminded that Jesus spoke similar words. He let His people know that He would be coming back for us one day. He promised that he would return.  As good as it made me feel when Kelsey promised to return to me – how much more important and exciting that Jesus – the Lord of the Universe – has promised to return for us one day.  How deep my love is for my children and grandchildren; but how deeper so the love of the Lord for His children.  No matter what the situations or trials in our life are, how difficult and impossible it may seem – we just need to remember that our Lord loves us more than anyone else possibly could, and that if we have accepted Him as our personal Savior – we will one day reside in Heaven with Him. We are never alone, never unloved when we have Jesus as our Savior.

Precious Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for bringing Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey back to EL Paso safe and sound.  I thank You so much for my opportunity to be a grandma. Father I pray that You guard over the little one growing in Jenna’s tummy – may he/she be born just as happy and healthy as Kelsey.  Lord please work all things out for them for a new place to live. One that they will feel safe in, be able to afford and can be happy in until Andrew’s return from Korea. Father once the new place is found, please work it out also for the truck to be able to deliver their belongings soon – not making them wait until the 21st. Lord please help them to be able to get moved in and settled and be able to spend time in the new place as a family before Andrew has to leave. Jenna needs and wants that so much so that she can feel that he is and has been a part of their lives in the new home. Protect Andrew during the long fight and the year long deployment in Korea. Bless their family Lord I pray.

In Jesus’ Name,


Posted September 5, 2009

Wow I can’t believe it has been a month since I have updated my post here. I knew I had been busy – but didn’t realize just how much until I decided to write something here and saw the date.  I’m sorry to all those who had checked in with the site hoping to find the updated info on the different editorial from the paper – believe it or not I just got the updates completed today for the Aug. 27th issue and a new issue prints next week already, arg! 

Normally the paper prints every other Monday – but I was disappointed to find out yesterday that because Labor Day is Monday the paper won’t print until Tuesday. This will make for a very difficult week for me – delivery wise since I will lose a day, but guess it will all work out in the end. I will just have to rely on the Lord even more than usual! With His help I’ll get through it.

I am SO excited because in about a week Jenna, Andrew and Kelsey will be here! I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it. Unfortunately, Andrew will only get to stay for about 10 days and then he will be deploying to Korea for a year.  Please keep them all in your prayers. It’s difficult for all military families to be apart, especially young married couples with small children. My precious Kelsey just gets used to having her daddy around and then he has to leave again. So please lift them all up in prayer.

In case you weren’t able to read the Aug. 27th issue of the paper – be sure to read my column – From His Messenger (click on the tab by that name) dated Aug. 27th.  I’m looking for people who are willing and able to help make a difference in another needy family’s life. With the help of many we were able to help a single father with two young boys last year just after Christmas.  It was so wonderful the day I went to their home to take all the things we were able to get donated and/or purchase with monies donated by readers. Now – there is a single mother with two daughters who needs our help. The family has just recently moved to El Paso and the mother has been unable to find work.  She is struggling trying to pay bills to keep their apartment. Her oldest daughter is 18 and pregnant and in need of some baby items. The youngest daughter is enrolled in a school that requires school uniforms.  So far they have only been able to purchase one outfit – so they are asking for more sets of the uniform.

I so much wish to help this family. Please if any of you reading could either purchase any of the items listed, or would prefer to donate money to go to the purchase of the items – contact me asap either at my email or my cell (915) 329-0824. Any of you out of towners who feel led to help certainly can do so by mailing a check to Media 4 Him, LLC, PO Box 3367, El Paso, TX 79923.  The paper is not a 501c3 so any donations would not be tax deductible.  Be sure to click on the tab labeled “From His Messenger” and you will be able to read about the family and their needs. Please if nothing else keep this family in your prayers. Pray that God will lead the mother to the perfect job for her very soon; pray that the 18 year old will have a safe delivery and will have a happy, healthy baby; pray that they youngest girl will have a great school year, and will make many new friends at school.  I want to help this family but do not have all the funds myself. I know that everyone is struggling financially at this time – but if many people gave a little – it would equal a lot to help this family. It would at least give them more than they have right now.  They are not asking for money – I’ve listed the items in my column that they are asking – so please know that any money that is donated will go to the purchase of the items the are requesting.

Father, I pray that You will use this family’s plight to touch hearts of people reading about them. Lord, lead people to help this family. Lord I want to be able to provide this little girl with four more uniforms for school so that at least she will have one for each day, and not have to wear the same set over and over each day. I know that is not too much to ask Father. And Lord I would like to help this young mother to get the much needed items for her baby. I can’t do this on my own Father but I know that You can send people who read about this family. You can put the desire in their hearts – same as mine to show Christian love to this family and help provide their needs. You are the Great Provider and You help provide needs of people through other people. Please Lord give the readers willing hearts. Father this mother asked for nothing for herself – just for the needs of her children. I pray Lord that You will bless her – help her to find just the most perfect job for her so that she can provide for her family. Bless this family Lord. I give You all the glory for what You will do in their lives.

In Jesus’ Name,


  Posted August 6, 2009

Praise the Lord – He is truly a Lord of miracles! My daughter, Jenna, who is pregnant had a sonogram two weeks ago which showed a mass in her uterus larger than the baby was at that time. She was then sent for a Level 2 sonogram the following day.  I emailed the Prayer Request to my church’s email prayer chain, my prayer group, my family etc. While at the Level 2 sonogram Jenna was not able to see any signs of the mass they had seen on the screen the day before. We praised God for the miracle. But of course – we still needed to see what was said at a follow up appointment.  As grateful as we were for no visible signs of a mass, I’m sure there was still some fear as to what the doctor would have to say about the results.

Jenna had her follow up appointment with her doctor yesterday, Aug. 5th to get the results from the Level 2 sonogram. He seemed thrilled to tell her there was no longer any signs of a mass, and said everything now looks perfect! While doing the sonogram the baby moved, jumped and even appeared to be waving several times. Jenna emailed me the video – it was so awesome to see.  I hate that she is so far from me so that I can’t be at the appointments with her – but at least I’m not totally left out – I can view the videos over and over.

I thank You Almighty God for Your mercy and grace. I exalt You with all praise for this mighty miracle You have given us. I thank You for the protection of my daughter and my unborn grandchild.  In 1 Peter 5:7 we’re told “Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.” We give the remainder of this pregnancy to You Lord. We’re trusting in You to further this pregnancy the way it is intended. And we’re looking forward to the day that we hold yet another precious life given from You in our arms. I love You Lord and I am so thankful and grateful for Your love and faithfulness. Amen 

I hope that you are enjoying the site and will check back often. I taught myself something new today – I finally figured out how to add images and photos. Alas – The Messenger logo is finally on the site. I still can’t get it at the top where it should be – but at least it is on the page, Amen! You’ll also find a new page listed at the left “Pictures”. So far I’ve only uploaded a few – just wanted to make sure I got the hang of it, and wouldn’t forget. You know when you get older you have to do things with much repitition to force it in to your memory.

Next week the new issue will publish so I will upload new content for the Ask Christian Leaders questions, Devotional, From His Messenger, Upcoming Events and anything else there is time for. I hope to make this site useful and enjoyable to those who read The Messenger – and for those who don’t but happen to stumble across this site. Keep me posted on what you’d like to see here, or feel would be beneficial to YOU the readers. It is the intent to have this be yet another tool that can link Christians and non-Christians to what is going on in our community and beyond that would be of interest to them. If you know of any events in your church or elsewhere please send them in. Naturally I will not post anything that would be “unbecoming” to the Christian family.

I leave you with this Scripture that has touched my heart today:

We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed.  2 Corinthians 4:9

Thoughts for Today

Well I spent from about 1:15 am to about 6:15 am or so working on what is done so far. It was very interesting once I got into it and I hated to quit until I had each of the tabs on with their descriptions/verbage etc. Now that I got this hammered out I realize that the website might not be too difficult. So I may try my hand at that soon. We’ll see how this goes. I know it’s nothing fancy or pretty to look at – but it gets the info out there for any who care to look up the site.

Be sure to click on each of the “tabs” at the top to check out information, as well as the blue underline links at the left of the page. Some of this information will change as each new issue of the paper comes out. Or as I have time to change and create new pages and info.

I’m hoping this will prompt more of the readers to interact more. Feel free to post questions for Ask Christian Leaders, Pet Vet, Muscular Christianity or post Letters to His Messenger here as well. There is also a page for you to list Prayer Requests. Also feel free to let me know what you like about the paper, dislike, suggestions of what you would like to see in the future in the paper and on this site or on the future web site.

Since I didn’t get to bed until after 7:00 am and not to sleep until around 9:00 am I pretty much had a lazy day today. I read the book “Urgency to Rise” a call to the American ‘church’.  Wow – every Christian should read this book. The author, Jeremy Strang,  was in town yesterday for a book signing at Latin Latte Pastry Cafe on the Northeast. I went to take pictures and get some info for next issue. I thought I would stay a short bit and then be on my way. But I was having such an interesting conversation with him I ended up staying for three hours! If you know me you’ll know that isn’t hard for me. I am a talker – and so is Jeremy so we had a great time talking about his book AND he is a representative with Voice of the Martyrs. What an interesting guy he is. So on fire for the Lord. I’m hoping to put together a story for the August 13th issue – so I hope I can do it justice. Be sure to check at bookstores for this book or on or on Jeremy’s website  you’ll be glad you did. You may even want to get books for your family & friends or at the very least pass yours around once you have read it!

Thoughts For Today …

OK. Every time I turn around someone is telling me I need to get a website for the paper or to create a blog. Since a website is still out of reach financially – I finally decided to try my hand at a blog. So… here I am! This will be a slow process but I will try my best to learn how to use this and hopefully make this a great communication tool to add to the features of The Messenger.